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Ported Boxes Article

In order to get optimum bass performance from your subwoofer, you need a strong, well-constructed enclosure. Without one, even the most expensive, highest-quality subwoofer won't be able to deliver a full, ground-pounding bass because the sound waves from the back will cancel out the low frequencies from the front. Different types of enclosure boxes will produce different bass registers. Ported boxes are the best alternative for the most forceful bass.

Ported boxes, also known as vented enclosures or bass-reflex systems, have a specially tuned vent/port that allows air to flow in and around the area behind your subwoofer, allowing the rear sound wave to interact with the front sound wave. Current subwoofer technology is unable to move a sufficient amount of air due to excursion limitations, but ported boxes are less dependent on excursion. By permitting the air to move inside the box-and thereby changing its resonant characteristics-the port reinforces low-frequency response, increasing the efficiency of your subwoofer.

Ported boxes provide added low frequency output, bringing out the deepest end sounds and giving you more bass no matter what amplifier wattage you use. Typically, ported boxes are larger enclosures than sealed boxes, and their boom is well suited to rock, heavy metal, or any throbbing, driving music, providing great sound quality with extra rumble.

A bandpass box is a special type of ported box. These are designed to provide the maximum level of boom within a limited frequency. By mounting a subwoofer inside a box with dual-chambers-one sealed and one ported-the sound waves blast from the sealed chamber into the ported one, resulting in louder, more rib-thumping output. These ported boxes are exceptionally efficient, and they are ideal for rap, reggae, and hard rock.

SuperCrewSound offers a wide selection of subwoofer enclosures for cars with many ported boxes that will give you the bass you want from your subwoofer.