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DIY Subwoofer Box

We $ave you Valuable Time and Money! Sure you could build your own subwoofer box - but how much do you really save? First you have to design the subwoofer box and make sure everything is just right. Then you have to drive around town finding the materials: Wood (MDF), carpet, glue, caulking and connectors (see estimated material costs below). Then you have to cut your materials, assemble the subwoofer box and then hope everything comes together as planned (Murphy’s Law not withstanding). The last thing you want to do is miscalculate and have to start over. Let’s just assume everything goes right up to this point in the project – now you are faced with the challenge of carpeting an odd shaped subwoofer enclosure. Best case scenario you are successful and accomplish this entire process in under 10 hrs – best case! Now your weekend is half over when you could have been out enjoying your tunes with our custom built, guaranteed to fit Subwoofer Box. Is your “spare” time not worth at least $15/hour? That subwoofer box you just built just cost you $150+ and that doesn’t include any materials*.

We build Subwoofer Boxes for less money because we build hundreds at a time and use templates. We also save on material costs because we buy in bulk from wholesalers.

Leave the work to the professionals - enjoy your time, save money and get a better subwoofer box in the process. Makes sense doesn’t it?

Again, our Subwoofer Boxes are Custom made for your ride and come with our Perfect Fit Guarantee!

* Estimated Material Costs:

Single sheet of MDF = $25
Glue = $15 (high end wood glue)
Nails or staples = $5 (16 to 18 gauge)
Terminal(s) = $3
Caulk to seal seams = $5
Carpet - $35
Total Estimated Material Cost = $88.00

Tools Required:

Table Saw (ideal)
Jig Saw (or router)
Nail Gun (ideal)
Hole Saw (for terminals)
Caulking Gun

Now ask yourself again… is it really worth it????