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We are open, but due to covid-19, orders lead times are currently 5 weeks. Expedited Construction is not available. Please do not order if you are unsure this lead time will not work. We will enforce our cancellation policy listed on the website.

Nissan Titan Crew Cab 04-17 Dual Subwoofer Box

SKU: 04titandual
3.80 (5 reviews)
Fits 2004 - 2017 Nissan Titan King or Crew Cab

Customize Your Order:

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Regular Construction - Built within 4-6 days

Expedited Construction - Built within 48 hours (Adds $99.00)

Upgrades Available with this Product:

One (1) Upgraded Speaker Terminal (Adds $8.50)

Two (2) Upgraded Speaker Terminals (Adds $17.00)

Speaker Wire - 1 X 20" - 12 Gage Wire w/Clips (Adds $5.00)

Speaker Wire - 2 x 20" - 12 Gage Wire w/Clips (Adds $10.00)

Acoustic Stuffing - 1 Subwoofer (Adds $10.00)

Acoustic Stuffing - 2 Subwoofers (Adds $20.00)

$159.00 to $776.50

Is your Truck Stereo Lacking Bass?
Get a Subwoofer box for your 2004 - 2017 Nissan Titan King/Crew Cab and start enjoying the sound quality you can get from your truck and a new subwoofer box.  

This subwoofer box installs in minutes and is engineered to fit the 2004 - 2017 Nissan Titan King/Crew cab.  We use high quality MDF and precision manufacturing in all of our Subwoofer enclosures.


  • Fits two 8, 10 or 12 inch subwoofers
  • 5/8" MDF construction
  • Subwoofers fire down
  • Fits under rear seat
  • 1 1/4" clearance under the box
  • Air Space = .75 cubic foot Per Sub 
  • Mounting Depth = 5 5/8" (Optional 6 1/4") 
  • Mounting Depth based on 6" diameter magnet
  • Box divider and speaker terminals included
  • Hole cutout for 8" Sub = 7"
  • Hole cutout for 10" Sub = 9 1/8"
  • Hole cutout for 12" Sub = 11"
  • Subwoofers and/or amplifiers not included
  • Charcoal Grey Carpet

Optional carpet colors available to match your interior

NOTE: Please tell us what subwoofer you are planning to use, so we can ensure proper fit in your speaker box.

We build all of our Subwoofer boxes to order, so if you need your box to be customized we can do that for you.  Most of our Subwoofer enclosures include multiple cutout size options, mounting depths and colors.  If your subwoofer enclosure needs a non-standard hole size, just let us know and we will be happy to customize it for you for FREE!

3.80 Global Rating: 3.80 from 5 reviews
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Nissan Titan Crew Cab 04-17 Dual Subwoofer Box 1.0 Save your money and do it yourself By Adam Lipscomb Must say I really had high hopes for this custom box. From the start it wasn’t the greatest with the shipping. Box was not packages well at all, only thing package had was 1 piece of mdf board at each corner. Box was banged up several places which I just kinda shrugged off. Next I tried the box into my Titan, also disappointing for a custom box. Box is too tall in the front where it does not allow my seats to fully lock in the down position and the back of the box there was a 2 inch gap. Didn’t think much about the 2 inch gap until it came time to mount my subs. I choose 2 Rockford P3 10 inch subs. Once again problems, I paid 20 extra dollars to increase the depth by 5/8” which would have allowed my subs to fit. Well they didn’t fit. Both magnets hit on the bottom side of the box. At this point I should and just returned this box and called it quits but I decided to fix their screwups and ended up mounting a hollowed piece of 1/2” mdf at the back of the box to allow my subs t
Nissan Titan Crew Cab 04-17 Dual Subwoofer Box 5.0 Great Company By Patrick Ogden Five Star Service and Quality!
Nissan Titan Crew Cab 04-17 Dual Subwoofer Box 4.0 sub box By Deanna Stevens the sub box is great sounds good. very happy with the detail. Paid a little extra for the stuff and ended up not using it.
Nissan Titan Crew Cab 04-17 Dual Subwoofer Box 4.0 Speaker Box By Joseph Smith There was a day or two delay on production of the box. Customer service worked with me to get it shipped out. It made it to Best Buy the morning of my installation. I appreciated them trying to assist with the delay. The box sounds great, and it is of good quality.
Nissan Titan Crew Cab 04-17 Dual Subwoofer Box 5.0 Would buy again if needed By Shawn Fields Awesome work great box it sounds amazing the terminals on the box were the better screw kind not the plastic black n red cheap ones