2017 F250 Crew Cab Console Subwoofer Box

2017 F250 Crew Cab Console Subwoofer Box

Looking to fit a larger 10 inch subwoofer into your 2017 F250 Crew Cab? Our 2107 F250 Crew Cab Console Subwoofer box is what your looking for. It offers easy installation, custom design and SuperCrewSound quality.

Over the years, many requests have come in looking for a box for fit some of the larger deeper 10 inch subwoofers into the F250 Crew Cab. Our new F250 Crew Cab console subwoofer box design continues on the tradition of our 08-12 F250 console subwoofer box.

F250 Crew Cab Console Subwoofer Box Fitment

The mounting depth is 7 inches. The air space is .9 cubic feet. Allowing the fitment of some of the deeper 10 inch subwoofers. The Jl Audio W6 as well as the Kicker L7 solo baric will fit nicely into the box.

Placing the subwoofer box into your truck is as simple as lifting the seats, positioning the box behind the console and folding your seats back down. The back seats will rest on the notch cut into the back of the box. The rear storage trey will need to be in the down position for the box to fit.

We offer 5 different carpet color to match the interior of your F250 Crew Cab. Carpet colors include Charcoal, Black, Tan, Dark Grey and Light Grey. Do you need a special hole size cutout? We offer the ability to cut the hole size exactly as you need for no extra charge.

Normal construction time is 4-6 business days. We do offer an expedited construction,  guaranteed to ship with 48 business hours for an extra fee.

All of truck subwoofer boxes are built from 5/8″ American made MDF. All of our subwoofer boxes come with a full 1 year warranty.

For a complete listing of all of our Ford F250 subwoofer boxes, please visit our website or give us a call at 877-424-0979


2017 F250 Crew Cab Subwoofer Box


2017 F250 Crew Cab Subwoofer Box

When we set out to build a new 2017 F250 Crew Cab Subwoofer Box the first thing that changed from our 2008-2016 F250 subwoofer box was how the seats attached to the floor. You will notice 2 small notches cut into the bottom of the box. These notches fit around the seat attachment brackets on the floor ensuring fitment. These notches cause  any cutout in the middle of the box to have to shift up therefore reducing the mounting depth to around 4.25″ compared to 5.25″ of mounting depth available on each end of the box.

The top of the subwoofer box has a notch cut in to fit around the power sliding window motor. The passenger’s side of the box is also lower then the driver’s side due to hardware on the passenger’s side.

Subwoofers size that can used

The 2017 F250 Crew Cab Subwoofer Box can hold a variety of subwoofer combinations. This includes 2-8’s, 2-10’s ,2-12’s or 1-13″. Customers can also have it built to hold one subwoofer and use the other side to have an amp rack. Due to the lower Passenger’s side of the box  2-13″ subwoofers will not fit.

The 2017 F250 Crew Cab Subwoofer Box will restrict ever so slightly the folding up of the rear seats when installed. If so desired the holes where the seat bolts attach into, can be widen by a 1/4″  allowing the bolts to slide forward and thus the seat will move forward just enough to allow the folding up of the rear seats.

All of our subwoofer boxes are built in the USA and built as the orders come in. No pulling a 6 month old box off the shelf, built overseas collecting dust and mildew. Fresh wood delivered weekly. We welcome any ideas you may have to improve our products. Thank you