2016 Honda Civic Subwoofer Enclosure

2016 Honda Civic Hatchback Subwoofer Enclosure

Designing and building new subwoofer enclosures is an important part of our business. As new vehicles become available, we strive to build quality subwoofer enclosures for these vehicles. Our new 2016 Honda Civic Subwoofer Enclosure meets this goal.

There are 3 models of Honda Civic for 2016. A coupe, sedan and hatchback. Our subwoofer box currently fits the hatchback only.

Subwoofer Box Fitment

Our new 2106 Honda Civic subwoofer enclosure fits only those hatchback model with a flat floor. Some models have a hump in the rear area that will prevent the subwoofer box from fitting.

To install the subwoofer box  you will need to have the trunk open. Place it in the front part of the trunk and then slide it back until it reaches the back seats.

Built from 3/4″MDF, our Civic subwoofer box has 7.5″ of mounting depth. Deep enough to hold 12″ subwoofers including the JL Audio 12W3 and the Kicker L7 12″ solo baric. Airspace measures in at 1.01 cubic feet per chamber. For a single subwoofer we can build a mono chamber box with 2.02 cubic feet of air space. For those subwoofers requiring less air space, we can reduce the air space to meet the required air space needed. We do not charge an extra fee for service.

Carpet color options included charcoal, black dark grey and tan. Standard speaker terminals are spring loaded plastic tab terminals. The upgraded terminals are screw down metal post terminals that also accept banana plugs.

The acoustic stuffing option is used when the air spaced needed is a little greater then what the box has. Acoustic stuffing will give you a 10-15% increase in air space. This is done by slowing down the air wave as they past through the box.

We offer a wide variety of subwoofer enclosures for the Honda Civic, visit our website for a complete listing.


Honda Civic Subwoofer Enclosure